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Hello, and welcome to your new life.

Dearest friend,

You are reading this because you have just made an adjustment, a shift into a new paradigm in your life. Wow, I know. Isn’t that super cool?

Like if this was a movie you would be in the opening scene…or if this was a book perhaps this would be the third chapter and we’re meeting the main character after a lengthy backstory…well excuse my ramble, take it however you want, the key here is that you are currently sitting on top of the world. You can do anything, be anyone, this is the beginning of a new identity. A new era—the time of legends.

So I’m sending this to say hey, good job pal. I’m honored to be your friend, I’m elated to share this moment with you. It’s like I’m there, do you want a hug? Intimacy issues? Okay, here’s a high five. In proper accordance with the space-time continuum that high five, or hug just happened. Yep! That’s how it works.

…Or so the aliens told my mother—look, buddy, you create your own reality.

Sorry, I’ve lost myself again…I’m very proud of you for making change happen, now you really only have one thing to do. Get to it. Whats it? Well, it is living your life in the fullest way possible. You no longer have the luxury of lookin’ back. 

You’ve changed freeways, moved neighborhoods, jumped continents. Stepped forward into the great beyond! But now, you’re in it. The new story, the beginning of your next great project. You’ve got to start somewhere and this is it so take a deep breath, look up and take in your surroundings. This is an eternal moment. 

How are you going to begin this new journey of yours? Take in every moment, enjoy every emotion, and relish in the duality of life. Come from a place of yes, soak in positivity and release negativity, embrace the moment and live with intent. 

    What I’m really trying to say is stop reading this letter and go live your truth. Whatever it is that lights the fire in your belly and keeps you up late, what feeds your daydreams. Do you seek adventure? Do you need creative expression? Where does your intuition scream for you go? Set your sights on that and complete your transition.

Don’t you forget to take care of your needs and enjoy every part of it, be sure to show love to everyone along the way. Growth is a process and it is never easy, transformation is tough but it should be. Embrace the downs just as much as the ups, crest the hill and face the pain, wait in the cold for the sunrise.

That is how you get the chops, that is how you become the beautiful butterfly you’ve always been destined to become. Every storm runs out of rain and every night comes to an end, our journey is decided by how we embrace life as a whole.

So enjoy every sunset and smile at every thunderstorm, drink life in for all it is.

I love your journey. 


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